There is something magical about baking. No matter whether you are making a cake or bread, you always use the same ingredients, with only small variations, but depending on the method and the sequence in which you add those ingredients you get completely different results. You have to be patient and precise.

I am fascinated by the transformation the simple batter undergoes in the oven. I love baking and cooking. I want to make people happy with my food. I want to celebrate good, seasonal ingredients in everything I prepare. I started this blog to share what I do and love. I hope that one day I will be able to make cakes for people as a full-time job, but for now I’m only a part-time baker, trying to master the art!

“The cook plays an important part in the nourishability of food. Meals which are lovingly prepared with a profound desire for the welfare of the eater always benefit the body and mind more than do meals which are commercially prepared, or which have been prepared by someone who is indifferent to or dislikes the proposed eater. No one should cook when in a state of indifference, agitation, sorrow or anger.”

From The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda, by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda